Friday, August 12, 2011

hi im jalee

so. im pretty new at this whole "blogging thing", but i thought this would be a fun way to journal, instead of writing on a blank piece of white paper. :) so here it goes! haha! i just graduated high school from Mesa High and i've been trying to find a job! with... no luck ..yet. so with my little sisters back in school and my mom and i home all day, i have been looking for something to work on to keep me busy and not so lazy :) hehe
I've decided to practice being a mom this year! i wake up with the girls early in the morning for school and do Kinsey's hair, and send them all off to the bustop, carpool, and car. Once the house is empty (except for mom and me) i clean the entire house, and then eat some cereal. (my life is so exciting huh?) then i make the girls an after school healthy snack BECAUSE:  its been known to happen that if they dont have a snack waiting for them when they come home, the little angels destroy the clean kitchen with all sorts of snacks. and i like cooking anyway, so its a win win for both of us. the kitchen stays clean and i get to cook, and the girls get to come home and eat right away and then get back to doing their homework that they "cant wait to start" ;) hehe
so far there has only been three days of school and this is what i have made them:
its a watermelon with blueberries and apples! the girls ususally eat better when the food isnt something they usually have.
and then the nex day i made something i have never tried! its called a "no bread wrap" i found it on the internet and it had five stars so i thought i'd try it!
this has apples without the peeling in the center with chedar cheese on top. wrapped in lettuce and then honey ham. i thought it sounded weird but it had 5 stars and it was actually really good! i discovered that it tatses good to dip it in honey mustard!
i havent made their snack today yet so i should probably go do that :) toodles!